From '99 onwards, 6 piece Blunt Wound Trauma delivered a brutal aural assault on the Newcastle metal scene.

The band played crust inspired hardcore metal supporting  Architects, The Exploited, Knuckledust, Poison Idea, Darkest Hour, Ted Maul, 30 Seconds Until Armageddon, Stained Red, Painfield, Dawn of Chaos, Five Knuckle, Goddamn Minivan, Lavotchkin and many more bands in the north east metal scene.

During there time they put out 3 self released CDs including their Demo, Self Titled EP and the album 
The Backlash of the Damned.

In 2007 the band were voted as Terrorizer Magazines unsigned of the year and in that same year, won the 
Narc Magazine Stars in your Eyes Xmas Special gig as the Spice Girls. 

Photography and Artwork: John Boundy

1999 to 2008

Credits: Vocalist/Lyrics

'Daniel Pollen' from the 'The Backlash of the Damned' live at Newcastle University

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